Q: Are the Defenzia M09 and M11 weapons considered firearms?

A: YES, both weapons are classified as firearms.

Q: Do Defenzia firearms fire lethal bullets?

A: Any projectile traveling at a high velocity has potential to be lethal. Defenzia firearms are not “non-lethal” but are rather “less lethal” weapons. When used as intended and targeted at center mass of the target the weapon is meant to be less lethal than traditional firearms. Great and serious bodily injury can still occur through the use of the weapon even when used as intended.

Q: Which Defenzia firearm is available for consumer/ civilian purchase?

A: The Defenzia M11 is a rifled .50 caliber firearm available to civilians.

Q: What type of rounds are available for the Defenzia M11?

A: At the moment only the round available for the Defenzia M11 is the .50 caliber rubber bullet.

Q: Is the Defenzia M09 available for consumer and civilian purchase?

A: NO, this weapon is reserved only for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies as it is considered a NFA firearm.

Q: What is the shot capacity of the Defenzia M09?

A:  The Defenzia M09 and M11 both have four shots.

Q: Do all four shots fire on the same trigger pull?

A: NO, the weapon is semi automatic.

Q: Do the Defenzia weapons require recharging?

A: NO, the Defenzia weapons function off of their own pizo-electric generator. 

Q: Does the Defenzia M09 have a laser?

A: YES, the Defenzia M09 has an integrated green laser sight for low light aiming conditions. 

Q: Where was the Defenzia technology developed?

A: It was developed by a Russian scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Q: Does Defenzia have a U.S. based manufacturing facility?

A: We are currently in the process of building a manufacturing facility in our head quarters in Phoenix AZ.

Q: When is the Defenzia M11 scheduled for release?

A: The Defenzia M11 is scheduled for release on December 2017. 

Q: Does the Defenzia M09 come with a warranty?

A: YES, each Defenzia M09 comes with a five year product warranty.

Q: Does Defenzia offer a law enforcement training program?

A: YES, we have a train the trainer program and certifications are good for four years.

Q: What is the muzzle energy of the .55 caliber rubber bullet fired by the Defenzia M09?

A: The .55 caliber rubber bullet produces 90 Joules of muzzle energy equivalent to 68 foot pounds of force.

Q: Is the Defenzia flash bang considered a destructive device?

A: NO, according to BATFE standards the Defenzia flash bang is NOT a destructive device. 

Q: What is the velocity of the .55 caliber rubber bullet?

A: The .55 caliber rubber bullet travels at 400 feet per second. 

Q: Does the Defenzia M09 come in different pistol grip colors than orange?

A: YES, the Defenzia M09 offers different colors in the pistol grip.


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