Defenzia and Brazilian Law Enforcement

Officials from Defenzia met with several branches of law enforcement in Brazil earlier this week at our South American HQ’s. We tested the various rounds at our designated range and optimism was high for the continued use of the Defenzia M09 to tackle threats in a reliable manner utilizing less lethal force. The Defenzia M09 is a multipurpose less lethal firearm capable of deploying a variety of defensive rounds which include a .55 caliber rubber bullet, OC pepper gel round, and a muzzle blast flash-bang round. The variety in rounds makes the Defenzia M09 especially adaptable for a variety of law enforcement and corrections functions. Checkout the videos below:

Productive week @ Defenzia

This week our staff has been busy building a brand new testing and training facility at our Phoenix head quarters. This will enable us to conduct tests on new products as well as host demonstrations for various agencies.


Mean while the Southeast team of Defenzia was busy conducting demos for agencies in South and Central Florida. These agencies included Pembroke Pines PD, Wauchula PD, and Hardee County SO. Videos from the demos can be viewed below.

Next week Defenzia will be headed to Georgia to conduct a secondary demo for the command staff at Atlanta PD as well as a demo for the Gainesville PD of the Defenzia M09 less lethal firearm.  Please subscribe to our news feed to keep up to date with events and news regarding Defenzia LLC. Stay safe out there!