Through mother nature’s worst, humanity finds itself at it’s best. We at Defenzia want to extend our deepest sympathies to those effected by the terrible events in Houston and other areas effected by Hurricane Harvey. We also want to express our deep appreciation for the brave men and women who make up our nation’s first responders. God bless and stay safe.


Through mother nature’s worst, humanity finds itself at it’s best. We at Defenzia want the extend our deepest sympathies to those effected by the terrible events in Houston and other areas effected by Hurricane Harvey. We also want to express our deep appreciation for the brave men and women who make up our nation’s first responders. God bless and stay safe.

Defenzia and Brazilian Law Enforcement

Officials from Defenzia met with several branches of law enforcement in Brazil earlier this week at our South American HQ’s. We tested the various rounds at our designated range and optimism was high for the continued use of the Defenzia M09 to tackle threats in a reliable manner utilizing less lethal force. The Defenzia M09 is a multipurpose less lethal firearm capable of deploying a variety of defensive rounds which include a .55 caliber rubber bullet, OC pepper gel round, and a muzzle blast flash-bang round. The variety in rounds makes the Defenzia M09 especially adaptable for a variety of law enforcement and corrections functions. Checkout the videos below:


Defenzia M11 Less Lethal Firearm


The long awaited Defenzia M11 less lethal firearm is now finally available for consumer sales. Defenzia LLC has officially started pre sales for the Defenzia M11 .50 caliber less lethal firearm. Now through the beginning of December 2017 buyers can take advantage of $150.00 off of the regular MSRP of $650.00. The weapon provides four .50 caliber rubber bullets to the user. The weapon is electronically fired and works off it’s own pizo-electric trigger. This means that the firearm never needs a battery or charging in order for it to work as intended. The weapon also has an integrated laser sight to aid the user in low-light aiming conditions.

pre order Defenzia M11 less lethal firearm

This weapon also has multiple uses in professional private sector use. Professionals working in bail enforcement, fugitive recovery, and private security often need reliable less lethal technology to tackle threats out in the field. The Defenzia M11 provides four times the engagement distance of current projectile stun weapons. In most case current projectile stun weapons only offer one shot to the user, but the Defenzia M11 provides four shots in order to stop a threat.

The proprietary ammunition used by the Defenzia M11 also ensures that no cross-contamination with traditional and conventional ammunition ever occurs during the use of this weapon. The weapon is less lethal as long as it’s targeted at the center mass of the target. The weapon can still cause serious bodily injury even when used as directed, however the possibility of a lethal outcome is reduced when compared to current traditional firearms.

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Why Close The Gap, When You Don’t Need To?

There was recently an incident in Greenwood Indiana where a 26 year old man by the name of James McCarthy robbed a local store. Mr. McCarthy had beat up the tobacco store clerk at gun point, car jacked a vehicle outside of the business, and then proceeded to lead police on a car chase. The chase ended in a parking lot with a stand off between Mr. McCarthy and police officers. As seen in the video police finally closed the distance with Mr. McCarthy and utilized a Taser to bring him down.

As seen in the video the police officers had to close the distance with a potentially dangerous suspect in order to end the confrontation with less lethal means. Why did they have to do this? Because of two reasons. One, the police officers’ long distance less lethal solutions were locked away inside a patrol vehicle and the situation did not allow the officers to take their eyes of the potential threat. Two, the only less lethal weapon the officers had on them at the time was a one shot electronic control device (ECD) with a maximum engagement distance of 21 feet. This forced the officers to leave the cover and safety of their vehicles to bring down the suspect utilizing their current less lethal capability.

The Defenzia M09 solves both of the problems listed above as it provides long distance engagement in a light and portable solution that takes up less space on the officers’ duty belts than the current Tasers. The Defenzia M09 also offers four shots to the operator allowing them to make sure the job gets done right. Additionally, the Defenzia M09 offers highly concentrated OC gel and muzzle blast flash bangs to assist in the neutralization of threats. Utilizing the Defenzia M09’s primary defensive round, the .55 caliber rubber bullet, the operator can maintain a safe distance of up to 90 feet from potential threats providing four times the distance of current Taser style devices.

defenzia less lethal firearm


The Defenzia M09 is designed with officer safety in mind providing one tool to tackle many of the dangerous situations that today’s law enforcement officers face while on the job. The Defenzia M09 provides a truly portable, versatile, and effective solution in the battle against crime in cities across America. 

Ohio Police Shoot, Wound Man With Baseball Bat

On June 7th, 2017 US News reported an incident where a man wielding a baseball bat had been shot twice in the stomach as the situation escalated with police in Ohio. The suspect had entered a homeless shelter and had started making threats.

In situations like these were potential threats encounter law enforcement officers, Defenzia offers a portable and powerful less lethal solution in the M09 platform. With minimum engagement distances recommended at six feet with potential engagement of a target at 90 feet away, the platform provides the capability of a less lethal rifle platform in compact and easily accessible package. The four-shot Defenzia M09 provides 68 ft/lbs of muzzle energy with it’s signature .55 caliber rubber bullet. Assisted by an integrated laser sight, the solution is very accurate so the operator can deploy the system with confidence knowing that the target will fall when shot.

Defenzia believes in providing a less lethal solution with officer safety in mind that stops a threat without lethal outcomes. The Defenzia M09 provides comparable stopping power to that of a less lethal 12 gauge platform, but in a much smaller package capable of being carried by the everyday patrol officer on his or her duty belt.

Defenzia LLC


The current less lethal platforms used for engaging suspects armed with baseball bats or edged weapons all have a common issue in place; they are usually locked in the rear of patrol vehicles. This is not ideal when the officer is placed in a hazardous situation, where calling time-out is not an option. Electronic control devices are carried on the officer’s duty belt, but most only offer one shot to get the job done right. In addition the engagement distance requires the officer to close the 21 foot engagement distance, which is not ideal when dealing with armed suspects. The Defenzia M09 less lethal firearm addresses all of these current problems with less lethal solutions.


Original article from US News can be found below:

Baseball Bats & Edged Weapons Defeated by Less Lethal

defenzia llc

Recently The Columbus Dispatch report that a Canton police officer had faced a man armed with a baseball bat at a homeless shelter. The man swung the bast at the officer twice prior to being shot in the stomach with the officer’s duty weapon. While the suspect is expected to recover and the officer was justified in his use of force, there is another option. The Defenzia M09 provides four times the engagement distance of any current electroshock or electronic control device commonly used by law enforcement. The Defenzia M09 also provides law enforcement officers with four shots to neutralize a threat with .55 caliber less lethal stopping power. The Defenzia .55 caliber rubber bullet travels at 400 fps and delivers 68 ft/lbs of force to the threat. Furthermore in situations such as the one reported by The Columbus Dispatch, the officer in question would not have had the time to retrieve a less lethal long range option even if he had it in his patrol vehicle. An ECD (electronic control device) is not ideal when facing suspects armed with edged or blunt weapons. The Defenzia M09 is the middle ground. It provides the stopping power of much larger platforms such as the less lethal 12 gauge and 40mm platforms into a solution that can be carried on the officer’s duty belt much like an ECD would be. Powerful and Portable are two of the main benefits of the Defenzia M09. With mission specific ammunition, the Defenzia M09 can be utilized throughout a wide array of law enforcement applications.

Defenzia Less Lethal Weapon


Original article can be found here:

FDC Bureau of Security Operations

Defenzia LLC is scheduled to meet with the Florida Department of Corrections Bureau of Security Operations on 6/29. The Bureau of Security Operations will be reviewing the Defenzia M09 less lethal firearm in consideration for use in all state correctional facilities. The OC pepper gel is an ideal tool for prisoner cell extractions as it drys quickly upon contact and does not contaminate a large area. The officers also have the ability to deploy four rounds consecutively as needed through the semi-automatic electronic trigger of the M09. In addition the weapon system has a powerful .55 caliber rubber bullet that produces 68 ft/lbs of force to it’s target with the round traveling at 400fps. During mass disturbances, the Defenzia M09 can deploy muzzle blast flash bangs that produce 145 dB and a five million candela flash.


Fun at the range with Henry Co. SO

Below you can find a clip from Defenzia’s visit at Henry County Sheriff’s Office on June 15th, 2017. Shots at 15 yards from target. Firing .55 caliber rubber bullet which travels at 400 fps, delivering 68 ft/lbs of force to target.