We propose to enable law enforcement gradual and proportionate use of force, dramatically reducing cases where the use of lethal firearms are necessary. We believe that the concept of Less-Lethal force leads to respect for human rights and the preservation of life, while protecting the physical integrity of law enforcement staff and the civilian population.

We Also offer a less lethal firearm solution to the everyday American who is legally allowed to own a firearm in his or her state of residency. We offer this solution for those individuals who wish to protect themselves, their homes, and families with a reliable alternative to traditional firearms. While the Defenzia M11 is considered a less lethal firearm, it is still capable of causing death​ if used incorrectly. The Defenzia M11 is a firearm and should always be treated with proper care and kept safely secured from children. 

Defenzia, LLC is licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) in Washington, D.C. We sell to law enforcement and military agencies in North, Central and South American countries.