There was recently an incident in Greenwood Indiana where a 26 year old man by the name of James McCarthy robbed a local store. Mr. McCarthy had beat up the tobacco store clerk at gun point, car jacked a vehicle outside of the business, and then proceeded to lead police on a car chase. The chase ended in a parking lot with a stand off between Mr. McCarthy and police officers. As seen in the video police finally closed the distance with Mr. McCarthy and utilized a Taser to bring him down.

As seen in the video the police officers had to close the distance with a potentially dangerous suspect in order to end the confrontation with less lethal means. Why did they have to do this? Because of two reasons. One, the police officers’ long distance less lethal solutions were locked away inside a patrol vehicle and the situation did not allow the officers to take their eyes of the potential threat. Two, the only less lethal weapon the officers had on them at the time was a one shot electronic control device (ECD) with a maximum engagement distance of 21 feet. This forced the officers to leave the cover and safety of their vehicles to bring down the suspect utilizing their current less lethal capability.

The Defenzia M09 solves both of the problems listed above as it provides long distance engagement in a light and portable solution that takes up less space on the officers’ duty belts than the current Tasers. The Defenzia M09 also offers four shots to the operator allowing them to make sure the job gets done right. Additionally, the Defenzia M09 offers highly concentrated OC gel and muzzle blast flash bangs to assist in the neutralization of threats. Utilizing the Defenzia M09’s primary defensive round, the .55 caliber rubber bullet, the operator can maintain a safe distance of up to 90 feet from potential threats providing four times the distance of current Taser style devices.

defenzia less lethal firearm


The Defenzia M09 is designed with officer safety in mind providing one tool to tackle many of the dangerous situations that today’s law enforcement officers face while on the job. The Defenzia M09 provides a truly portable, versatile, and effective solution in the battle against crime in cities across America.