On June 7th, 2017 US News reported an incident where a man wielding a baseball bat had been shot twice in the stomach as the situation escalated with police in Ohio. The suspect had entered a homeless shelter and had started making threats.

In situations like these were potential threats encounter law enforcement officers, Defenzia offers a portable and powerful less lethal solution in the M09 platform. With minimum engagement distances recommended at six feet with potential engagement of a target at 90 feet away, the platform provides the capability of a less lethal rifle platform in compact and easily accessible package. The four-shot Defenzia M09 provides 68 ft/lbs of muzzle energy with it’s signature .55 caliber rubber bullet. Assisted by an integrated laser sight, the solution is very accurate so the operator can deploy the system with confidence knowing that the target will fall when shot.

Defenzia believes in providing a less lethal solution with officer safety in mind that stops a threat without lethal outcomes. The Defenzia M09 provides comparable stopping power to that of a less lethal 12 gauge platform, but in a much smaller package capable of being carried by the everyday patrol officer on his or her duty belt.

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The current less lethal platforms used for engaging suspects armed with baseball bats or edged weapons all have a common issue in place; they are usually locked in the rear of patrol vehicles. This is not ideal when the officer is placed in a hazardous situation, where calling time-out is not an option. Electronic control devices are carried on the officer’s duty belt, but most only offer one shot to get the job done right. In addition the engagement distance requires the officer to close the 21 foot engagement distance, which is not ideal when dealing with armed suspects. The Defenzia M09 less lethal firearm addresses all of these current problems with less lethal solutions.


Original article from US News can be found below: