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Recently The Columbus Dispatch report that a Canton police officer had faced a man armed with a baseball bat at a homeless shelter. The man swung the bast at the officer twice prior to being shot in the stomach with the officer’s duty weapon. While the suspect is expected to recover and the officer was justified in his use of force, there is another option. The Defenzia M09 provides four times the engagement distance of any current electroshock or electronic control device commonly used by law enforcement. The Defenzia M09 also provides law enforcement officers with four shots to neutralize a threat with .55 caliber less lethal stopping power. The Defenzia .55 caliber rubber bullet travels at 400 fps and delivers 68 ft/lbs of force to the threat. Furthermore in situations such as the one reported by The Columbus Dispatch, the officer in question would not have had the time to retrieve a less lethal long range option even if he had it in his patrol vehicle. An ECD (electronic control device) is not ideal when facing suspects armed with edged or blunt weapons. The Defenzia M09 is the middle ground. It provides the stopping power of much larger platforms such as the less lethal 12 gauge and 40mm platforms into a solution that can be carried on the officer’s duty belt much like an ECD would be. Powerful and Portable are two of the main benefits of the Defenzia M09. With mission specific ammunition, the Defenzia M09 can be utilized throughout a wide array of law enforcement applications.

Defenzia Less Lethal Weapon


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