Articles for April 2017

Defenzia Meets Clearwater’s SWAT

Earlier this week Defenzia had the pleasure of conducting a demo with Clearwater’s SWAT team. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was kind enough to allow us access to their training facilities for the duration of the demo. We had the opportunity to test the .55 caliber impact round, flashbang, and various flares. Please see the associated videos below:


A couple of weeks ago Defenzia’s Southeast team had the opportunity to meet with members of Durham’s police department as well as officials from the North Carolina Highway Patrol and DPS. The team tested the .55 caliber impact round/ rubber bullet and the effectiveness of the flash bang which produces a 145 dB bang and a 5 million candela flash. Officials from both agencies gave the Defenzia M09 less lethal weapon system a great review as they were impressed with it’s overall accuracy (being able to hit targets at 50 yards) and the powerful effect of the miniature flash bang round. Videos from the demos can be viewed below:




The South American team at Defenzia recently had the opportunity to meet with the Municipal Guard in Brazil. They had the opportunity to test the capabilities of the Defenzia M09 and it’s powerful .55 caliber less lethal round. Overall evaluation of the weapon system was a good one, with many officers pleased with it’s accuracy and compact size. The round has an effective range of approximately 90 feet and delivers the impact projectile down range with 68 ft/lbs of force.